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Spirit Rescue International LTD (SRI) is a non-profit organization that conducts professional paranormal investigations around the world at no cost to our clients. Our team of skilled and experienced investigators use state-of-the-art equipment, as well as utilizing remote viewing and psychic abilities to help our clients with their paranormal issues. SRI has investigated numerous private homes and business, as well as public locations, for the past ten years. We are dedicated investigators who strive to help people who are experiencing severe paranormal activity, and work to bring a sense of normalcy back to the lives.

SRI has conducted investigations in the following countries to date:

United States
United Kingdom
 New Zealand
South Africa
 Sweden  Lithuania Russia

If you are experiencing a haunting, entity infestation or phantom disturbances, please fill out our CONTACT FORM and one of our administrators will be in touch with you as soon as possible. All client information is kept strictly confidential.

Spirit Rescue International LTD is a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any other company or for-profit organization. SRI has never charged for our services and we never will. Any donations received by SRI are donated to charity. 

SRI Launches SARI -

The Supernatural Analysis & Research Institute

  In an effort to branch out out from our standard practices of paranormal research, SRI has decided to form the Supernatural Analysis & Research Institute. SARI's purpose is to help bring new ideas and theories on the paranormal to the public. SARI is an online resource to articles from some of the top researchers in the field, as well as our own investigations into some of the greatest mysteries of our time. From ghosts and spirits, to UFO's and cryptozoology, to ancient mysteries and stories of high strangeness, SARI will cover it all while providing the most up-to-date information and theories from some of the most innovative researchers of our time. 

Click HERE to access the SARI webpage


SRI Now Hiring Team Members

Spirit Rescue International is currently looking for dedicated individuals to join our team of researchers and investigators in order to help SRI expand further into the realm of Paranormal Research.  We are looking for people from all types of backgrounds and skills to help with the day-to-day tasks of running an international organization.  Some of the roles we are looking to fill include:

online researchers, field researchers, counselors,

web administrators, marketers, bloggers, authors,

psychics & sensitives, remote-viewers

 Click HERE to fill out an application form.

All SRI members are volunteers.



Now Available

The brand new novel by SRI Directors Irene Allen-Block and Mark Johnson, The first book in the

Demons Dwell Series --The Tower tells the story of two paranormal investigators who find themselves involved in a dark mystery in a small Italian village along the Amaflitana Coast in the early 1980's. 

"The Tower" is a frightening tale set in an idyllic part of the world where evil lies hidden from the bright Mediterranean sunshine, and old world superstitions are a reality.

Demons Dwell: The Tower is now available at Amazon.com in both soft cover and Kindle formats, and also at the Glannant Ty website.


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