The Hatman Phenomenon

by Irene Allen 

Yesterday Mark and I chatted with a friend that related their experience as a child, seeing what could only be described as a Hat Man. Some of the descriptions given are that these beings are much like dark shadows, a readily visible outline of a wide brimmed hat is seen.Sometimes people mention a cape or trench coat being worn. The reported shapes of the hats includes older styles and more recently Fedora's. Our friend clearly remembers her one in a fedora and long coat although facial features were not clear. Children I know can be quite resilient and I believe this was the case with our friend, she was not phased with her visitor even offering it one of her toys but she does remember the stare as if studying her. Many people report very negative experiences after being faced with the one wearing a fedora. It is said that these shadow men behave with curiosity towards that person who sees it, and when ready will usually vanish or fade away. The fedora hat man is different in a way that it does not fade but walks away just like a human being,something else our friend reported. She also said that it was more solid which again other people have said, that there seems to be more substance to it.

So this is not like your usual shadow man but something it seems quite different. Have you ever seen the fedora hat man? What are your thoughts on just what this could be.