SARI Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books that we recommend for fellow researchers and enthusiasts who want to learn more about the supernatural from some of the top experts in the field. We will be adding to the list over time.

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Books by SARI Members 

"Demons Dwell - The Tower"
by Irene Allen-Block
& Mark L. Johnson
"The Psychic Spy"
by Irene Allen-Block
"Among The Spirits"
by Irene Allen-Block

Recommended Reading  

"The Uninvited"
by Steven LaChance
"Dark Force"
Willam J. Bean, Jr.
"Paranormal Technology"
by David M. Rountree

by Jacques Vallee
"Night Seige"
by J. Allen Hynek
by Hans Holzer

"Never Letting Go"
by Mark Anthony
"Stalking The Herd"
by Christopher O'Brien
"The Real Men In Black"
by Nick Redfern

by Jeff Meldrum
"The Beast of Boggy Creek"
Lyle Blackburn
"The Sallie House Haunting"
by Debra Pickman

"The Pyramids & The Pentagon"
by Nick Redfern
"The Mothman Prophesies"
by John A. Keel
"Hunt for the Skinwalker"
by Colm Kelleher, PhD
and George Knapp

by John E. Mack, MD
"Passport to the Cosmos"
by John E. Mack, MD
 "Paranormal Family
and Friends"

by Frank R. Santariga

 "Left At East Gate"
by Peter Robbins

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