About SARI

SARI was founded in 2014, yet it's roots go back several years with the original founding of Spirit Rescue International by Irene Allen-Block in 2006. Born with strong psychic abilities, Irene spent over forty years helping people across the UK, and the world, with their paranormal issues. She originally formed SRI with the intention of continuing to help people all across the globe resolve their problems and issues with paranormal activity. In that time she put together a team using scientific-based principles that would examine each case from all angles to look for the truth behind these occurrence.

In 2014 the team felt drawn to explore broader concepts and new theories that challenge traditional beliefs, so SRI has become SARI with the mission of stretching the boundaries of paranormal research by introducing new concepts and ideas, and by partnering with some of the best researchers from around the world. It is SARI's goal to create an interactive environment on the Internet in an open forum to allow ideas to be shared freely and to help expand our awareness into the hidden world that lies on the edge of our imaginations.

SARI will be traveling all over the world to conduct scientific investigations into some of the deepest mysteries. We will also be partnering with some of the top paranormal researchers in the field to share their findings


SARI Core Team Members

Irene Allen-Block -- Director of SARI

Irene is trained scientific remote viewer and paranormal investigator. She has used her talents for over 40 years researching the paranormal. Irene is also a talented business woman and author of Among The Spirits, The Psychic Spy, and Demons Dwell - The Tower.

Mark Johnson -- Co-Director of SARI

Mark has over fourteen years experience as a paranormal researcher and field investigator. He is the Founder of New Jersey Paranormal Research, and is the host of the popular Internet radio show Unknown Origins Radio which discusses all aspects of the strange and paranormal. Mark just released his first book, co-written with Irene, Demons Dwell - The Tower.

Sheila Scott - Researcher & Psychic Medium

Sheila lives in Ontario Canada and is an experienced psychic/medium, spirit investigator, holistic healer & hypnotic therapist. Sheila also assists in client spiritual support.

Teresa Chance - Case Manager & Researcher

Teresa lives in West Virginia and acts as a researcher and case manager.

Joseph Matonis- Researcher

Joe lives in Missouri and acts as a researcher and case consultant. A long time member of Spirit Rescue International, he now brings his research experience to the SARI team.

Ed Martinez - Tech Manager

Ed is a mechanical engineer who became interested in the paranormal due to experiences he and other family members had over the past few years, and joined SARI to develop a more in-depth knowledge of the paranormal while helping others understand and cope with their own experiences. He has always been curious whether human consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Ed's theory on paranormal research is that an investigator must first go through every possibility to explain the phenomenon, and only through a process of elimination can we come to a cause of the likely phenomenon.

Greg Gonzalez - Researcher

Greg is an IT professional and experienced paranormal investigator who has researched dozens of cases. Greg has had his own experiences with the paranormal for most of his life. He was a researcher with Mark and Ed with another group in NJ before becoming a member of SARI.

Bruce Pearson - Researcher & Investigative Journalist

Bruce is a broadcast journalist and investigative reporter who has held an interest in the paranormal for many years after having his own UFO sighting in the 1970's. Bruce is also a co-host on Unknown Origins Radio.

Natalie Kelly - Researcher

Natalie lives in northern New Jersey and acts as a researcher and case consultant. She has experienced the paranormal at several times in her life, most recently in her current home home. She joined SARI to learn more about the paranormal, and to bring meaning to her experiences.

Sunny Williams - Researcher & Psychic Medium

Sunny is a UFO Experiencer as well as a psychic medium. She lives in Texas and is the director of the UFO research group Lights In The Texas Sky.