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Proof of the Paranormal?

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with Bigfoot.  I remember the first time I heard of Bigfoot was when I was with my family on vacation up in Oregon and Washington, and I picked up John Green's book "On The Track of the Sasquatch".  From that point on I was hooked.  And like most people growing up in that time, I believed that the Sasquatch/Bigfoot creature to be an undiscovered ape species living in the Pacific Northwest.

As I grew older I began to hear stories of similar Bigfoot-type creatures all over the world.  Not only the Yeti or Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, but also here in different locations throughout the U.S.  I saw the film "The Legend of Boggy Creek" and learned about the monster that was seen down in Fouke, AR, a long way from the Pacific Northwest.

Today I continue to research the subject, and I understand that these creatures have literally been seen all over the world.  There are many excellent researchers who continue to look into the phenomenon, and a majority of them believe as I once did, that the creature is an undiscovered ape species.  But as for my own opinions, those have gradually changed over time as more and more evidence comes to light that indicates these creatures may not be what we think.  Instead of being apes like gorillas or chimpanzees, these creatures may be more like human beings than we previously believed -- and they may not even be of this world.

There have been many stories over the years that equate the Bigfoot phenomenon to be in a class of paranormal activity. Some witnesses have claimed to have seen then during UFO experiences, while even some scientific researchers have seen them in relation to areas of high strangeness such as the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, or the Gilliland Ranch in Washington State.  There are stories of Bigfoot literally disappearing in front of witnesses, or footprints that seem to appear and disappear out of thin air.  A majority of Bigfoot researchers dismiss these claims as silly and ridiculous, yet credible eyewitnesses are adamant that strange things have happened when these creatures have been sighted.

Within the past year I have looked further into researching the paranormal aspect that surrounds many Bigfoot sightings, and I have come across the work of a researcher out of Ontario, Canada who has been documenting his personal encounters with a group of these creatures at an undisclosed location.  Mike Patterson has documented his findings in a series of videos posted to YouTube which includes photographic evidence of footprints, some photos of the creatures themselves, and a video log of his attempt to contact these creatures.  But for me, one of the most impressive pieces of evidence that Mike has produced are sound files of his interactions with several of these creatures, with one in particular that he seems to have formed a friendship with.

I have met and spoken with several other researchers who are aware of Mike's work, and the overwhelming response from them is that he's hoaxing his experiences. They are unwilling to accept the possibility that Mike may be interacting with and forming a relationship with non-human beings.  After interviewing Mike on my radio show and examining his evidence, I believe that he may be on to something extremely important that most other researchers refuse to acknowledge.

Here are two videos that Mike Patterson has posted on his Sasquatch Ontario YouTube page which not only shows some of the "paranormal" activity that surrounds these creatures, but also their vocalizations which indicate of language. The main creature Mike interacts with is named "Nefatia".  Nefatia not only speaks in his own language, but is also able to speak a few words in English.  Watch the videos and decide for yourselves if this is real or not.





As I previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to interview Mike Patterson on my radio show Unknown Origins Radio on Oct. 21st, 2013.  I found Mike to be a very credible witness who is not seeking fame, but is trying to educate people that these creatures are intelligent beings that must be protected. 

Here is the podcast of our radio interview:



It is my opinion that Mike Patterson is a credible researcher who is conducting important research by forming a relationship with these "people" in Ontario. I look forward to following Mike's research further in the future, and would encourage those of you who scoff at the idea of these creatures being intelligent to simply look at the evidence and decide for yourselves.

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