Introduction to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Mystery

by Mark Johnson


For many years now, people have reported eyewitness accounts of a large, hairy, man-like beast known as Bigfoot. This creature must come from a breeding population as thousands of sightings have been reported over time, not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well. Native Americans have reported witnessing these creatures for centuries, but it was only in the mid 20th Century that the story took root in the public consciousness and became a part of our culture. Since that time there have been thousands of reported sightings of these creatures in almost every part of North America, as well as in Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe. The question most serious researchers ask is -- do these creatures really exist? If you listened to the many eyewitness accounts, they are positive they saw an upright hominid covered in long hair, and that some stand up to eight feet tall.

The fact is that no Bigfoot creature has ever been found by science. You would think that, just like people or wildlife, these creatures could fall foul to an accident, like being hit and killed by a car, shot by a hunter, or even found after dying from natural causes. As far as I know there have been no teeth or bones found, only footprints and the odd strand of hair hanging on a bush. DNA testing of these hair samples has been inconclusive and controversial, and so far there has been no evidence found or produced that has excited the scientific world. Could these sightings be chalked up to simply being the figment of over-active imaginations, folklore handed down through the ages, or worse, on outright hoax? With the lack of hard physical evidence, it then comes down to the eyewitness reports and the flimsy evidence produced on film and video. The best and most famous film evidence to date is the Patterson-Gimlin film. Shot in 1967 in Bluff Creek, CA, two Bigfoot hunters literally stumbled upon one of the creatures crossing a sand bar and were able to film it with a 16mm film camera for a few seconds before it disappeared into the forest. Over the years, many skeptics have attempted to dismiss the footage as a hoax, but it is interesting to note that all of their attempts to debunk the footage have failed. No man in a monkey suit has ever come close to the authenticity of the original footage, and it would be highly unlikely that any hoaxer in the 1960?s would have gone to the trouble of placing breasts on the costume, or simulating muscle-movement under the hair.




Most modern Bigfoot researchers feel that the creature is an undiscovered hominid or great ape, similar to the Mountain Gorilla discovered in Africa in the 1920's. Yet even the gorilla was eventually found and studied by science, where the sasquatch/bigfoot has remained one of the most elusive creatures known to man. This may be in part due to the almost mystical nature of the creature, as reported by many eyewitness accounts. Some credible eyewitnesses and researchers have reported the creatures seemingly vanishing into thin air, or they feel that something is watching them nearby yet there is nothing there. Is it possible that these beings could be inter-dimensional? Do they have the ability to step in and out of our dimension? Or do they have a chameleon-like ability to cloak their presence and hide from prying eyes?

If we were to only look at the Bigfoot mystery from a purely scientific perspective, then we would have to conclude that the creature most likely does not exist. However, based on credible eyewitness accounts, there is a possibility that we are dealing with a very real being with special abilities that are currently beyond our understanding. These are some of the mysteries that SARI will be exploring in the coming months as we delve into the Bigfoot phenomenon. We will be talking with some of the top researchers in the field, as well as non-traditional researchers who are able to provide a fascinating and unique perspective into the phenomenon.

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